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How do you know the shoe size on the length of the foot



Dimensions can be removed and their own (better in the evening after a hard day when you feel a little physical fatigue and blood flow to the legs).

How to do it right we will tell you more. Try to read everything carefully.

To remove the measurements on the flat floor lay a sheet of blank paper. You sit on a chair and put on a clean sheet of his right leg (in a sock or stocking). Circle stop on their own, or ask someone to do it with a sharpened pencil solid. Hold a pencil slightly tilted as close as possible to the foot.


A. Measure the distance from the outermost point of the heel to longest toe of your foot on the line C (as shown in Fig. 2). Write on a sheet size number 1 - (how many).

Two. To determine the completeness of the foot, measure the circumference between the most protruding bones interior and exterior arches of the foot (as shown in Fig. 1 and 3 - on the line A). Write on a sheet size number 2 - (how many).

Three. For individual orders of shoes to do an extra dimension to the instep girth of direct (on line B, ie, at the narrowest point of the instep, around the middle, as shown in Fig. 1 and 3). In this measuring tape should be tightly clasp the foot. Write on a sheet size number 3 - (how many).

4. Circumference of an oblique section of the foot along the line IV, passing through the crook of the ankle joint and the most convex point of the heel. Write on a sheet of size number 4 - (many centimeters).

Five. Circumference of the cross section along the line V, passing through the most convex space ankle. Write on a sheet size number of 5 - (
how many).

6. Circumference of the cross section along the line VI, passing through the narrowest place of leg above the ankle. Write on a sheet size number 6 - (how many).

7. Circumference of the cross section along the line VII, passing through the most extensive place of leg (calf muscle). Write on a sheet size number 7 - (how many).

Similarly, take measurements for your left foot. To do this, use a new sheet of paper.

The data obtained (two sheets with contours and dimensional characteristics of your feet), please send along with your order you are interested in shoes by e-mail 

Please include information about possible deviations in the structure of the legs and any additional comments.