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Handmade shoes in the Ukrainian style

Online store are pleased to offer handmade footwear from natural and environmentally friendly materials. The basis of footwear is hemp fabric: eco-friendly, antibacterial, socks, practical, nice body, resistant to washing and does not require special care, has excellent thermoregulation. For the manufacture of industrial uses (textile) varieties of hemp, not containing in the structure of matter harmful to health. For the cultivation of cannabis does not use chemicals and fertilizers are not required, as the crop grows well in almost any climate. Also holds a significant place linen fabric (spring and summer collections): practically not subject to shrinkage when wet, durable, breathable, does not fade in the sun.

Footwear made to order to suit the individual wishes of the client (size, color, material, detail). For example, by an individual is determined by measuring the exact size of your foot that allows the master to make shoes in which you will feel truly comfortable with the first second.

In the shoe valid warranty - 90 days of purchase!

Individual tailoring of shoes runs for 20 days.




















Information about the owner:

R. Shukhrov PE, 

Registered address: Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk region, Zheltye Vody, Kropotkin Street, 5