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Shoes and handbags. Individual tailoring of shoes in Dnepropetrovsk is pleased to offer you custom tailoring of handmade shoes, as well as bags, which are created by Ukrainian masters on request from natural and environmentally friendly materials.
Handmade shoes can be ordered according to the size known to you (which you usually wear), or by individual metering (if you have a high lift or strong fullness of the foot), which allows the master to make shoes to the full foot, shoes on a wide leg and shoes non-standard sizes, in which you will feel really comfortable from the first second.
Individual tailoring of shoes, with pre-measured measurements, is performed within 21-30 days.
For Clients, a step-by-step instruction for self-removal of measurements at home.

















Information about the owner:

R. Shukhrov PE, 

Registered address: Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk region, Zheltye Vody, Kropotkin Street, 5