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Shoes for order in Ukraine

We offer you Individual Tailoring of Shoes in a workshop in Dnipro, as well as high-quality repair of shoes and bags.
Who might be interested in Custom Shoe Tailoring?
For clients looking for full-footed shoes, wide-footed shoes, high-rise shoes with protruding "bone", with legs of different lengths, non-standard sizes (large or very small), after injuries.
Shoes are made by hand according to individual measurements, taking into account all the features of the client's feet.
An order for individual tailoring of shoes involves taking measurements of your feet in our workshop, or (by agreement) online, following the instructions of the master.
Considering that the tailoring of shoes is made to order, the cost of each specific product is discussed individually.
So, you are about to order individual tailoring of shoes. To do this, you need to contact us (by viber or e-mail) and agree on taking measurements (make an appointment).
Individual tailoring of shoes is completed within 21-30 days.
Please send an application for individual tailoring to the email address