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Individual sewing shoes 
Shoemaking custom in Ukraine
Shoes sewn by hand to individual measures, taking into account all the features of the feet Client

Individual sewing of children's shoes in Dnepropetrovsk

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стоимость индивидуально

In our online studio you can order tailoring and buy children's handmade shoes made of environmentally friendly and natural materials.
We offer you tailoring of children's shoes in the workshop of the city of Dnepr. Shoes are made by hand according to individual standards, considering all the features of the feet.
Considering the fact that tailoring of shoes is made to order - the cost of each particular product is discussed individually.
So, you are going to order an individual tailoring of shoes. To do this, you need to contact us (by phone or e-mail) and agree on the time and place of the measurements in Dnipro. Individual tailoring of shoes is carried out within 21-30 days.